从1月28日到2月1日, 韦德娱乐app下载地址学校举办了一年一度的全球教育周!

We began by hanging up a world map in the Abbe Building for students and 教师 to post where they have lived and/or traveled. 这张照片显示的是哥斯达黎加,索莱伯里在那里举办了2017年的世界杯 春假旅行 今年春天还会回来. The student's post captures the beauty of traveling and experiencing new cultures: "I went to Costa Rica two years ago, 我爱上了每个人悠闲的态度. 在纽约长大,每个人都很匆忙. 我认为没有人会因为赶时间而喜欢做任何事."

此外,作为全球教育周的预告,九年级学生摩根·巴恩斯主持 韩国流行音乐之夜 1月26日星期六在霍尔姆斯特宿舍. Students chose the music videos to watch and snacked on special treats!



学生们穿着他们祖国的传统服装, 比如这些来自中国的韦德娱乐app下载地址学校的学生...

学生们教朋友和老师剪纸剪纸是中国的一种传统艺术. 中国人把红纸剪成不同的图案, 把它们粘在窗户上,作为幸运和幸福的象征. Red paper is used because red is associated with festivities and happiness in Chinese culture.”



在美术课上,学生们观看了这部电影, LIYANA. “LIYANA is a genre-defying documentary that tells the story of five children in the Kingdom of Eswatini who turn past trauma into an original fable about a girl named Liyana who embarks on a perilous quest to save her young twin brothers. The film weaves her animated journey together with poetic documentary scenes to create an inspiring tale of perseverance and hope.”

午餐时,学生和教师参加了 中国书法. 下面的学生教我们如何用中文写我们的名字. 他们都是很棒的老师!

For TNP (周二 Night Programming) in the dorms, Julianna Tes ‘20 and Perry Udahemuka ‘19 hosted 全球教育. 电影晚上,放映短片,包括 欢迎来到加拿大,关于“一名年轻的叙利亚难民在加拿大获得庇护”,以及 皮克斯的桑杰超级团队, 一个年轻人的故事, first-generation Indian-American boy whose love for western pop culture comes into conflict with his father’s traditions."



午餐时,我们 全球教育集中度 学生组织 世界语言表, where students could stop by and learn common words/phrases from other students, 教师, 员工精通从德语到阿拉伯语等多种语言, 泰语到乌尔都语, 西班牙语到葡萄牙语, 从法语到韩语, 和双胞胎. Shown here: One of our students from the Czech Republic teaching phrases in Czech.

还有,在集会上,韦德娱乐app下载地址学校 全球教育集中度 students presented on their travel experiences throughout Colombia; Zurich, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; and Cambodia. They shared highlights of each location and what they learned during their travels. Julianna Tes '20也写了她在柬埔寨的经历, 你可以在这里读到.



克里斯汀·沃克·帕恩米拉 is the Senior Vice President and Managing Director for the Policy Center for Environment and Peace at 保护国际在那里,她领导着40名员工. She presented to our Honors Environmental 科学 students on the cause and effect of conservation issues, 慈善事业如何支持环境问题, 以及多学科如何协同工作来解决问题.

She also covered three issues that CI is currently working on: supporting indigenous peoples, 环境和平建设, 和WASH:水, 环境卫生和个人卫生. 学生们向她询问有关土著人民的问题, 性别问题, how a country's financial health can affect its conservation readiness, 保护特有海洋物种的工作, 和更多的.

我们在瑞士的交换学校, 上国际双语学院, video chatted with our 8th 社会研究 class about life and school in Europe. Two of their students had spent a month here 在韦德娱乐app下载地址 for our exchange — it was wonderful to catch up with them!

St. 巴塞罗那保罗学校, our Spanish exchange school, also shared photos from their recent field trip to Seville. 这是他们中的一个在学习弗拉门戈舞蹈的传统.

一群学生穿着五颜六色的弗拉门戈服装,手持扇子, 庆祝西班牙文化, 在有装饰的室内环境中, 展示文化多样性和参与性.




莫莉·诺顿,19、21届MBA, spoke to our Spanish 3 class about langu年龄 fluency and multilingual careers. Molly精通五门语言,是 aiaTranslations.

Keziah Groth-Tuft '13, who is currently a law student at The George Washington University Law School, 在索利伯里花了一天的时间给几个班级做演讲. She shared photos and stories about her undergraduate study abroad experiences in Denmark and Jordan and her graduate study abroad experience in England. She also talked to our World 历史 9 and World Religions classes about societal responses to migration and the role of 宗教 in both Jordan and Denmark.

我们的荣誉环境科学, Keziah报道了她参与的五次联合国气候谈判, 包括去年在波兰的一次. She compared the way different years of attending the climate talks have focused on different issues depending on the political climate, as well as the importance of giving all countries a voice at the table for climate talks. 凯齐亚还分享了她进入法学院的经历,以及她是如何开始的 高级项目 在Solebury. "I hope that students' take-away was that so many doors were opened to Keziah because she asked questions and made connections,Cari Nelson老师说. “不要只是坐等事情发生在你身上. 积极参与你的学习和生活!"


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